Codes de la plaque d'identification

Toyota ID codes (until 1977)

  ENGINE 18R-GU 1968cc/
o FRAME No. RA28-020580 o
  TRANS/AXLE P51 F312 O-12
  PLANT/G.V.W. A41

This data is for world production.
"Early" means 1970-1975 and "late" means 1975-1977.
Much of this was decoded from data provided by Seiki Yamamoto and Mitch Templar.
In late 1977 the code system system changed.
This page last updated 27th Dec 2001.

Model codes

There are 3 possible code that identify a car:

  • Model code - lists engine family, body style and factory options
  • Body serial number - list engine family, body style and unique serial number
  • Vehicle Identification Number - Manufacturer, country, date, unique serial number - America only

Americans usually confuse the VIN with the model code because the VIN is the only number used by their government and insurance companies.
Most other places use the body serial number for unique identification.
Since the USA is the largest market, eventually the VIN was added for the rest of the world in the mid 1980's but Toyota still uses the model code for determining which features your car has.

Sometimes there is an "A-", "B-" or "C-" at the front.
This is for late model Japanese spec cars only.
Each letter corresponds to compliance with a certain year's anti-pollution laws.

A Only present on Japanese spec TA28 and RA28
B 1976 pollution control with T series engines
C 1976 pollution control with R series engines

The model code starts with the letter for the engine family.

T T series engine
R R series engine
M M series engine
C C series engine
S S series engine
ZZ ZZ series engine

The second letter represents model family.

A Carina (1970-1982)
Celica (1970-1985)
Celica XX / Supra (1978-)
E Corolla
H Patrol Car / Ambulance (until 1956)
K Stout
N Hilux
P Publica / Starlet
S Crown
T Corona
Celica 1985-
Carina 1982-
Corona Mark II (1964-1970)
X Chaser
Corona Mark II (1970-)

The Celica shared codes and many parts with the Carina.
The Carina was merged with the Corona in mid 1982.(ST140).
The Celica was merged with the Corona in mid 1985 (ST160).
The Corona Mark II is larger than the standard Corona.
The Corona Mark II was renamed as the Cressida in 1980

The next 2 or 3 numbers are the body style.

10,12 early Carina (twin sister to Celica)
14 late Carina
20,21,22 early Celica coupe
23 late Celica coupe
24 late Celica coupe, N.American spec
25,27 early Celica liftback
28 late Celica liftback
29 late Celica liftback, N.American spec
35 late model Celica coupe or liftback, Japan spec
40 2nd generation Celica
60 3rd generation Celica

Sometimes there is an "L" or "R" after the numbers but before the dash:
No letter means right hand drive.

L Left hand drive
R Right hand drive

A "V" is used for Van's and Wagons.
"V" means a wagon with windows.
"V" combined with "-B" means a van without windows (i.e. basic wagon).
"W" and "G" are sometimes used for a wagon (without or without windows).

Codes after the dash use the following letters:

A American market
B Pre Oct 1975 - Basic model eg V=wagon, VB=van(wagon without windows)
After Oct 1975 - Twin carb engine with single cam
Corolla - BTP grade Japan, KE1#
Sprinter (vs ordinary Corolla), KE2#
Corolla - SL grade Japan, KE3#
Corolla - GSL grade Japan, TE3#
Corolla - Special grade N.America (1974-)
Corona - South African market
C Carina - Automatic gearbox, 2FC, floor mounted
Corolla - Automatic gearbox, 2FC, floor mounted
Corona - Automatic gearbox, 2HC, steering column mounted
Crown - Automatic gearbox, 3HC, steering column mounted
or Swedish market (after 1975 and only as last character)
D Deluxe (including Corolla Deluxe S-5)
E Sedan
F 4 door
Crown - Super deluxe model
Mark II - LA model
G Rearrangement of engine bay to suit twin cam engine
Corona - to suit twin cam (letter near end of code)
Corona - 3 speed auto gearbox, 3FC, electronic control (EAT) floor mounted (first letter)
Crown - Super Saloon
Cressida/Mark II - M EFI engine (2rd or 3rd letter)
Commercials - fold down tailgate
H Automatic gearbox, 3FC, floor mounted
Corolla 1#, 2# - 4 speed manual gearbox, steering column mounted
J 4 speed manual gearbox, 4H, steering column mounted
Corolla - Automatic gearbox, 3FC, floor mounted, A40 (not A30)
Fire service vehicle (1950's)
K 4 speed manual gearbox, 4F, floor mounted
L Liftback (not used for Celica A20-29)
M 5 speed manual gearbox, 5F, floor mounted
or Phillipines market (after 1975 and only as last character)
N Carina - Super deluxe model
Corolla - Hi-deluxe model
Corona - Automatic gearbox, 3HC, steering column mounted (first letter)
Corona - GL model (2nd letter)
Cressida/Mark II - Automatic gearbox, 3HC, steering column mounted (first letter)
Cressida/Mark II - GL model with single carb R engine (2rd or 3rd letter)
Cressida/Mark II - GSL model with twin carb R engine (2rd or 3rd letter)
Cressida/Mark II - L model with single carb M engine (2rd or 3rd letter)
Cressida/Mark II - LX model with twin carb M engine (2rd or 3rd letter)
Crown - Automatic gearbox, 3FC, floor mounted
or South African market (after 1975, last character)
P Corona - LPG fuel
Q Sports suspension (level 1) and dual circuit brakes
Always present on GT models and SR-5/Levin Corolla's
Crown - Royal model (second letter)
or Australian market (after 1975 and only as last character)
R Engine with R option (regular gasoline/petrol instead of premium/super)
Corolla - STD grade (1974-)
Corona - electronic automatic gearbox, 3FC, floor mounted (first letter)
Corona - engine with R option (last letter)
Corona - STD grade (1974-, 2nd letter)
Police Patrol Car (until 1955)
S Hardtop (not used for Celica A20-29)
Carina - ST model
Celica 3# - hardtop
Corolla - SL model
Corona - S or SL model
Hilux - SR model
T Turbo
Corona - Taxi (?)
U Unleaded fuel system (eg narrow fuel filler, catalytic converter)
Not used for models introduced in 1976 or after
V Van, wagon or pickup
W European market
X Sports suspension (level 2) and dual circuit brakes
Carina - SR model
Celica - GTV model (except America)
Celica - GT model (America only)
Corolla - SR model
Corina - SR model
Y 3 speed manual gearbox, 3H, steering column mounted
Z Rearrangement of engine bay to suit twin carb, single cam engine
or possibly dual circuit brakes (see also -Q, -X and -G)

The rest of code until the next dash uses the letters from the engine options (see below).

The next two letters after the next dash represents the trim level.
The first letter is for the exterior and the second letter is for the interior.
Both letters should be the same.

B ET Japanese Spec
D LT Japanese Spec
J LT American spec (often without LT badge)
A ST American spec
S ST Japanese Spec (?)
G GT Japanese Spec
U GT American spec
Y GT European spec

A third letter after the last dash may exist:

L Left hand drive interior (instruments, dash, ...)
R Right hand drive interior (instruments, dash, ...)

For example, C-RA35-SMXG-EE is...

C Japanese spec RA35 Celica 2000
R R series engine
A Celica (before 1985)
35 Japanese spec 1975-1977
S Hardtop
M 5 speed manual
X extreme sport suspension/brakes
G provision for twin cam engine (18R-G)
E GTV exterior trim
E GTV interior trim